The B-Square Ranch is a 12,000 acre lifelong commitment of Tom and Tommy Bolack and is a private wildlife refuge, working farm and ranch, and home of two museums.

Some 15,000 year-round and 100,000 wintering waterfowl call it home. Also in abundance are deer, pheasant, quail, hawks, eagles, and owls along with cattle, sheep, pigeons and turkeys. Seven man man made lakes covering some 75 acres also contain crappie, bas, and catfish.

The Bolack Museum of Fish and Wildlife was built by and dedicated to Tom Bolack by the Bolack family. It is one of the largest private collections of it's type in the world today with over 2,500 specimens. The collection from five continents gives visitors a change to view animas in their natural setting and to appreciate the beauty in nature's animal kingdom.

The Bolack Electromechanical Museum is a forty-year collection by Tommy Bolack and was opened in 1990. Antique electrical, radio, communication, industrial and agricultural artifacts are on permanent display.

The wide range of items shown here should have appeal to nearly everyone. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come again.

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